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  • Christian Armbruester


Why the end of times may be closer than we think.

If there is one redeeming quality to this pandemic, it is truly non-discriminatory. Anyone can get infected, no matter what religion, wealth, or even sexual orientation we may have. For more than a year now, all of us have had to live through something for which we were not prepared. It is amazing how strange the way things used to be now appear. Normal has taken on a whole new meaning. We yearn for a life without restrictions, the carefree association with other human beings, and not having to breathe through a piece of cotton. There appears to be a fledging light at the end of the tunnel and much of that has to do with the success of the vaccines.

The world is split in two, those that have had the shot versus those that have not, with very different death and infection rates commensurately. Not surprisingly, most people are desperately trying to get vaccinated, however, there are also those that refuse to take the cure. I get it, no one knows if it will all work out the way we may think, and it all happened so quickly. Plus there is so much false information out there. Fact is, we have been getting vaccines ever since we were babies. For the most part it has worked out pretty well and mankind has enhanced its life expectancy by more than 50% in the last hundred years. So this would seem an odd time to start questioning science.

For some reason, there is an extremely high correlation between refusing the vaccine and not practicing other proven virus defence methods either. For instance, not standing next to someone who is obviously infected and coughing. One would naturally not step into the stream of sprouting bits of saliva because, you know, we can. For some, it is a rite of passage to take high risks with one’s life and those of others. Rather ironically, that goes along with the entitlement for first class medical care in case one does get infected.

I suppose the only reason not to take the vaccine is for all of those that have to turn into zombies. The thing is, I am up for the age of the walking dead. I have seen at least ten different series on Netflix or Amazon, and it is quite clear that we all need the guns. We also need to be preparing for the downfall of society and the formation of a new government as so upliftingly laid out in the Handmaid’s Tale (2017). Well, if that is truly what you expect, you either run the risk of getting killed by the virus or spend the rest of your life fending off the apocalypse. Good luck with that, but the hope is that the vaccines work out, and we put our trust in thee.


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