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Small is Beautiful

Blu is an exclusive community of like-minded families and investors. We are selective in the clients we take on to ensure that our relationship managers and traders can provide the highest level of service. Our clients are also able to speak directly to the principals of the business that designed the investment strategies, share the same risks, and can guide them on any of their investment management needs. 

Becoming a Client

We will facilitate and guide you seamlessly through the application process, ensuring a smooth and straightforward onboarding experience. Our initial fact-finding is combined with some basic information to setup your profile and give you access to the platform. Throughout your time with us, you will have instant access and complete control over your assets. We respond to any desired changes to the portfolio allocations in real time.

  • What are the fees?
    There are three types of fees when managing investments: management fees, custody & transactions fees, and product fees, which will vary depending on the type of strategy and size of assets.
  • What is a Family Office?
    Very wealthy families sometimes set up their own investment firm to manage their assets (single family office), and at times also help other families and wealthy individuals (multi-family office).
  • What is Wealth Management?
    Wealth management combines financial planning and investment strategy to sustain and grow your wealth. Alongside investment management, it encompasses retirement planning, inheritance tax and estate planning.
  • Once committed, can I change my mind?
    Yes, our clients can cancel our contract at any time. All our investments are liquid and can be sold instantly. There are no exit fees.
  • What makes Blu the right choice for me?
    Blu invests alongside our clients to ensure alignment of interest and we are able to tailor make the investment strategy according to the unique circumstances of our clients.
  • How safe are my assets?
    Blu does not hold client money. Clients can choose to open an account on one of several independent third party investment platforms. The assets are segregated and Blu is only authorised to execute the agreed upon investment strategy.
  • I already have a Wealth Manager, can I change and is it difficult?
    Switching from one provider to another is a straight forward process that is protected under UK law. There may be fees, sales charges and penalties which may be exclusive to your former adviser. Blu does not charge any on-boarding or upfront fees.
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