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Tailored Solution,
Simple Process.

Your Relationship

  • Selecting your Wealth Manager is a process built on trust. We are truly independent and build solutions based entirely on your individual circumstances. 

  • Our interests are strongly aligned, with the founding Principals investing alongside our clients sharing the same costs and risks.

  • We focus on your needs and make the process seamless. You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager and direct contacts on the investment and operations teams.

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The Plan

  • We consider your individual circumstances, outlook and expectations. Combined with your specific risk appetite and other factors, we construct a proposed solution that best meets your requirements. 

  • Whether you have a particular goal in mind, or are looking for guidance, this stage is where we assess how we should best proceed.

Tailored Proposal

  • Subject to our initial discussions, a formal proposal is produced. Upon your review, we then hold a consultation to alter strategic asset and currency allocations further. 

  • All instruments and strategies are flexible, meaning that any desired risk profile is achievable. 

  • Rather than answering arbitrary questions and being placed into a model profile, our construction stage is a collaborative process with you at its heart.

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Your Platform

  • A complete solution requires a powerful platform. We have partnered with reputable, global institutions to provide you access to their banking platform.

  • Our Relationship Managers will guide you through the onboarding process. This will enable access to the full suite of Private Banking Products.

  • The platform is where Blu will execute the agreed investment strategy. All assets are segregated and held in your name.

  • As part of the onboarding, agreements are produced that formally document terms, fees and strategies.

Future Proof

  • Once your initial solution is implemented, we monitor markets and rebalance efficiently to ensure your portfolio remains within agreed parameters. 

  • We understand that circumstances can change. The portfolio is entirely flexible and can be adapted at any time to meet your requirements.

  • We provide regular reporting and will check in with you frequently should any major events affect markets. You will retain your access to Relationship Managers, the Investment team and the Operations team.

  • Whilst Blu actively maintain your portfolio, you will be able to view your account and investments instantly through an online portal.

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