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The Blu Journey

Blu is a London based, multi-family office and investment manager helping our clients to protect, invest and grow their wealth. We provide bespoke investment solutions on a discretionary basis according to the needs and wishes of our clients.


The Principals have first-hand, multi-generational experience in managing wealth.


Redefining the Way 
We Manage Wealth

Blu was built for a purpose – to efficiently manage the wealth of the founding family.


In partnering with other families and clients who invest alongside us, we share the same risks. We are transparent and fully accountable. Our interests are aligned.

By managing your wealth alongside our own, we redefine the relationship between client and manager. It becomes a shared journey.

Rush Hour

Our Journey So Far

The Origins

The wealth of our founding family was created through manufacturing and trade. When the Patriarch retired, the money was given to various private banks to manage. There, the assets remained for some 20 years, until the second generation was asked to look after the wealth.

The Task

With an advanced education in finance and investment expertise acquired through managing assets for investment banks, the heirs were perfectly suited for the task at hand. We started by reviewing the value chain of advisors and service providers.

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