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Purpose Built

The wealth of our founding family was created through manufacturing and trade. When the Patriarch retired, the money was given to various private banks to manage. There, the assets remained for some 20 years, until the second generation was asked to look after the wealth.
With the experience gained from working at some of the leading global investment banks, we knew that no one could predict the future. We therefore developed an investment strategy that is not based upon making projections, but rather on the diversification of risk and minimising costs.

Our Team

At Blu Family Office, our strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our seasoned professionals. Our team is committed to understanding your unique investment goals and crafting tailored strategies that best suit your needs. We believe in the power of collaboration, clear communication, full transparency, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of service to all of our clients. 

Alignment of Interest

Blu ensures a strong alignment of interests by investing alongside our clients. Having built the necessary technology, infrastructure and operating processes to efficiently manage the assets, we began investing our money in 2011. Shortly thereafter, another family asked whether we could provide them with the same service and we became regulated to manage external assets in 2012.

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