Blu is a London based, multi-family office helping our clients to protect, invest and grow their wealth. We invest broadly across traditional & alternative asset classes and have been managing client assets on a discretionary & advisory basis over the past 10 years.

The Principals have first-hand, multi-generational experience in managing family wealth.

We provide investment management solutions according to the bespoke needs, jurisdictions and wishes of our clients.



The wealth of the founding family was created through manufacturing and trade. When the Patriarch retired, the money was given to various private banks to manage. There, the assets remained for some 20 years, until the second generation was asked to look after the wealth.

With an advanced education in finance and investment expertise acquired through managing money for investment banks, the heirs were perfectly suited for the task at hand. We started by reviewing the value chain of advisors and service providers.


A thorough analysis revealed there was no centralised risk management and we were incurring excessive fees. Therefore, we decided to set up our own office to manage our wealth. The aim was to extract cost savings and gain better control of our risk exposure, by integrating all investment and administrative functions.

We began managing external assets in 2012 and have since expanded our scope and services, as other families and clients have joined us. We continue to develop further investment strategies and provide comprehensive wealth advisory services, including tax structuring.

We developed a risk-based investment strategy and built the necessary technology, infrastructure and operating processes to efficiently manage the assets. We began investing our assets in 2011. Shortly thereafter, another family identified with our journey and asked whether we could provide them with the same service.

Today, Blu is a multi-family office, with expertise in investment and wealth management. We share our capabilities with other like-minded families to protect and grow wealth for the next generations, whilst ensuring all interests are aligned.


Blu was built for a purpose – to manage the wealth of the founding family efficiently. In partnering with other families and clients who invest alongside us, we share the same risks. We are transparent and fully accountable to our families. Our interests are aligned.


 Family wealth is highly sensitive, personal and bespoke. The Principals provide objectivity and a holistic view, drawing on their multi-generational family experience and perspective.

Clients have direct access to the people that have shared their journey and understand the intricacies of all issues as they relate to living with wealth. We provide independent advice and guidance on a peer-to-peer basis.