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  • Christian Armbruester


Why it is clear who will win the next football world cup.

Maybe the entire German economic miracle was built on cheap Russian gas. Maybe the war in Ukraine was instigated by the Americans who are now the main supplier of LNG for much of Europe’s needs. Does this mean the other main energy producers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are now going to buy every team in the Premier League? Who knows, but one would have to think that the world is going to find an alternative to digging up toxic stuff from the ground and burning the planet to a crisp.

We developed a vaccine in less than a year, we allegedly landed on the moon, and we know how to mine an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. In other words, when the human race is up against the wall, we are capable of almost anything in our struggle for survival. So why can’t we harness the power of the sun? Apparently, that has something to do with the batteries, but we are making progress there, and Elon Musk is supposed to be a genius.

Then there is the wind and the water, and all kinds of other natural sources of energy. Seems to be more of a local solution for much the same reason as with solar energy, and who wants to look at these ugly windmills across the entire landscape anyway? Of course, we do have atomic energy. It’s been working for more than fifty years and apart from a few horrific disasters, it is as safe as flying a plane. Some are even advocating it to be classified as a so-called green energy.

Sure, but we do have that nuclear waste to deal with for the next hundred million years and the jury is very much out as to what that all means at some point in the future. With such potentially large yet unquantifiable tail risks, it is no wonder Frau Merkel set a new path for the winner of four football world cups (note, England only has one, and Germany would have more than Brazil if it weren’t for the Italians, who hilariously did not qualify for Qatar in 2022).

The war for energy and resources has been raging for millennia. It is at the cause of most human catastrophes, and responsible for more deaths than any other diseases or natural disasters. We are destroying all that we have in our quest for progress and growth. Whether by cold fusion, or some sort of other as yet esoteric process, there will soon be an invention that solves all the world’s problems, simply because there has to be. Maybe that was the plan all along. Makes more sense than Boris Johnson leaving office with his head held high.


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