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Diversifying Risk

The empirical evidence shows that trying to predict the markets is impossible and the biggest risk to our wealth is taking outsized investment views that do not work out. Instead of investing for events that may not happen, we wait for things to occur, then we become active. Our approach entails diversifying across asset classes that bear different risks and rebalancing portfolios systematically when markets move significantly. 

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For our strategy to work we need two things: Liquidity and different types of investment risks. 

We only invest in investment instruments that are traded on market exchanges with daily liquidity. That allows us buy and sell assets instantly, rather than having to wait before we get our money from selling individual investments. 

Equities and bonds are the main components of any wealth management portfolio. The only way to diversify these risks further is to allocate to liquid alternative investment strategies that can make money regardless of what happens in the markets. 


Statistically, more than 80% of returns come not from what we buy, but how much. We therefore aim to broadly diversify our exposure into individual equities, bonds and alternatives. Our focus is on optimising the allocations to the different asset classes.
We research and monitor thousands of different investment instrument, including cost effective Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and the best performing UCITS alternative funds to implement our client portfolios. Ongoing, rebalances are carried out systematically to maintain the investment objectives. 

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