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Announcement - Scientific Article Published

We are pleased to announce that our scientific article based on The Blu Income Fund: Private Lending as a Source of Fixed-Income Yields (Ziggel, Armbruester, Gösmann and Tardif 2017) has been published in the winter edition of The Journal of Wealth Management. This study provides a solution for generating consistent yields in a world of low interest rates. We describe our experiences as we navigated the various available investment strategies in search of low-risk returns previously provided by banks and the public fixed-income markets. Having identified the private lending market as a source of consistent income, we explore different types of inherent investment strategies. We explain how we screen and choose strategies for potential inclusion in our investable universe by laying out our due diligence process. Finally, we outline our portfolio construction and optimization methodology and present the results from our investment into the strategy. If you would like to receive a copy of this article or any other materials please let us know.


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