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  • Christian Armbruester


Amidst all the doom, the gloom, and the bitter cold, there it was, a shimmer of hope. An abundance of clean energy to save the world from its otherwise certain destruction. Fusion power will solve everything, but the question is what happens thereafter?

Clearly, some of the former titans of the global money spinning and power machine would lose a lot of lustre. Economies dependent on natural resources would collapse, and many people hereto employed in the mining, drilling, and exploration business would be made redundant.

Much would depend on the practicalities of delivering power to our homes and factories. Do we need to manufacture billions of mini reactors or build other infrastructure for the production, transportation and distribution of energy? Developing ever more efficient methodologies to figure out and do all that, will likely keep mankind busy for the next hundred years.

It is probably fair to say, that it won’t be free. If there is a patent, or some scarce material that the process needs, somebody, somewhere is going to charge for it. In other words, maybe nothing will change that much after all, and it is and will always be, a game of thrones with the haves and the have nots.

We would probably see a more balanced title race in the Premier League though, without all those petrodollars funding the most unlikable teams. That’s a nice thought for Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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