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We believe that the financial goals, plans, and risk parameters are unique for every client. Our investment process is designed to most optimally implement the client objectives, and we can dynamically adapt to any changes in circumstance.

Investment Platforms

We use several independent investment platforms to efficiently execute, custody and administer the assets of our clients. Depending on their needs and investment strategy, clients can choose to open their accounts on- or offshore, gain access to private banking services, including Lombard lending or have their SIPPs, ISAs and general accounts managed as one strategy or separately. 

Financial Planning

Blu Family Office outsources financial planning to a trusted Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) to ensure there is no conflict of interest. We work seamlessly with the IFA to best achieve the financial objectives for each client. Any deviations from the plan are monitored in order to make the necessary adjustments to the strategy.


Our investment models are electronically linked to the platform providers for efficient portfolio execution, monitoring, and rebalancing. Clients are able to see their investment portfolio in real time by logging onto their on-line accounts. All of our systems and data are backed-up in cloud servers. 

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