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  • Christian Armbruester

Five Fearless Predictions

Last year, the medium forecast for the S&P500 was 4900. Not one amongst the strategists of the leading global financial institutions had it as low as 3840, which is where we finished. More than anything, it is difficult to make projections in a world with this much geopolitical turmoil, socioeconomic upheaval and business uncertainty.

Not surprisingly, forecasts for 2023 are somewhat less optimistic and the medium target on Wall Street is 4100. The range of possible outcomes is larger than before, with some predicting we go as low as 3000, but there are also those that see us climbing all the way back to 4900.

Where do we go now? Never fear, our fearless predictions for 2023 are here:

  • Gold will end where it left off and finish at around 1800. Whether it is a currency, a commodity, or a safe haven, the jury is still very much out, and meantime there seems little movement one way or another.

  • Ethereum will climb to at least $2000. With all the apocalyptic stuff that happened in crypto land recently, it is shocking it hasn’t gone lower, ergo there is nowhere to go but higher.

  • Ten-year treasuries will have a yield of less than 3%. The battle with inflation is almost over, but the war against the recession has just begun.

  • The DXY (US$ Index) will go below 100. We all know the Greenback went up too far when everybody panicked, and more mean reversion is to be expected.

  • The S&P will finish north of 4000. A lot of bad news is already in the price and hey, maybe something good could happen for a change.

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you good health, great success and lots of love in your life for 2023!


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