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  • Christian Armbruester

Family Wealth: Part 3 - Raison d'Etre

The simple definition of wealth is not having to worry about tomorrow. It really is that simple, and the minute you don’t have to fear that you might not have enough money to eat or pay the rent, you enter a very niche market. Most aptly described by the pyramid of needs, which essentially means that once you know how to take care of your basic requirements, it gets very complicated.

Some say, that is because the very instincts that have driven evolution for millions of years are based upon us doing things in order to survive. Think early man, who needed to hunt for food, or today’s workers who need a pay cheque to take care of their families, or even the young urban professionals who put in long hours at the office to climb the ladder towards financial independence. All of us are programmed and driven by a purpose to satisfy our needs. So, it would also logically follow that if you have no pressing needs, you are devoid of any (primary) purpose. And that’s when it sinks in: what is my place in the world, what am I supposed to do here and what is the purpose of life, the universe, and everything anyway?

Enter psychologists, advisors, guardians and behavioural experts who can help us privileged few with these earth-shattering problems. We can also use many forms of stimulants or chemicals to try and discover the depth of this earth or learn more about the behaviour we exhibit. And as we search for meaning, what could there possibly be to do when you have bought every toy, house, car, yacht, private jet and when you have experienced every pleasure, wish, joy and satisfied your utmost desires?

Surprisingly, quite a bit, but none of them have anything to do with how much money you have. They say happiness is a state of mind, that you have to live life for the moment and that the simple things in life give you the most pleasure. Ultimately, we all need a path and the reassurance in our minds that we are progressing, growing and looking forward towards a goal, however we define that. The human mind and body were not made to rest idly and do nothing. Time to put all that wisdom to work, and use our wealth to make an impact for the betterment of this planet and the people that live upon it. What greater purpose could there be than trying to save the world?


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