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We provide guidance, perspective and practical solutions for your family's bespoke needs, drawing on our experience from the management of our families' wealth.



Determine where the assets will reside and which vehicles are most effective, including any tax considerations.

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Obtain a clear understanding of the overall objectives of the family, to prepare for future liabilities, income and other requirements.

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Implement an optimal investment strategy, according to the bespoke needs of the client.

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Case Studies



A globally successful athlete, recently retired, recognised the risks and challenges in preserving and protecting his wealth.


We shared our approach to managing wealth and discovered much commonality. We had also previously experienced and addressed his issues of high fees, poor advice and decentralised risk management.


We reviewed the investment strategy, revealing that the portfolio was overly skewed to high risk strategies. The solution was to rebalance his exposure to lower risk credit strategies. We further highlighted that he was overpaying for certain investments, leading him to redeem and reinvest in the same strategies on a cost efficient basis.


The client now has an efficient and effective strategy. We continue to meet and share ideas, assisting him with his wealth management needs.






A multigenerational family with a successful business began to experience behavioural issues arising from excessive lifestyles and entitlements.


As the family grew, there was an increasing financial requirement. This caused a considerable amount of tension. Disagreements and issues arose between family members, as they each asserted their individual preferences over how the wealth was to be managed and distributed to meet their individual needs.


We worked with the family as their independent mediator, creating a constructive environment to facilitate communication. Slowly finding common ground by recognising that everyone shared similar problems, we worked alongside the family to create an agreed governance structure which addressed the challenges they were experiencing.


We then worked with each individual member to establish an efficient and effective wealth management plan. Their assets and affairs are now well structured and protected, and the family governance structure ensures sound communication and decision-making. We reconnect with the family on a regular basis to monitor and guide where necessary.​