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Discretionary Portfolios

We implement bespoke investment portfolios tailored to a client's specific requirements.

We grow your wealth over time, whilst protecting it against large losses, monitoring performance and rebalancing as necessary, in keeping with agreed parameters.

Transactions, reporting, administration and monitoring are effectively managed. Our families and clients all benefit from scale to save costs and gain access to opportunities otherwise only available to much larger investors.

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Define the options.

There are equities, there are bonds, there are currencies and there are different types of alternatives. Taking into account the preferences or specific constraints of our clients, we define the range of assets, strategies and investment instruments from which to construct the portfolio.


The Selection

We quantitatively screen the chosen investment universe for liquidity, costs, fees, currency, tax status, and tracking error to make our final selection. 


The Risk Profile

Having chosen the components, we determine the client’s desired risk parameters. We take into consideration the time horizon, plans, outlook and return expectations to engineer the most appropriate strategic asset allocation. 


The Perfect Fit

Using historical data analysis, we look for the combination of individual positions that best delivers the chosen risk and return profile. There is a final qualitative check to make sure all the parameters are met, before the most optimal solution is then shared with the client and adjusted if necessary. 


We make sure that the investment portfolio remains optimal in changing market conditions. Underlying positions are monitored in real time and we rebalance the portfolio systematically within agreed parameters or given changes in circumstances of our clients. 


Alternative Investments

The Principals of Blu have been active in alternative investments for more than 25 years, both in managing and selecting funds.

Blu's advisory service provides a solution to those seeking exposure to true alternatives. We offer model or bespoke solutions, subject to minimum investments & terms.


Clients benefit from access to exclusive managers that are often closed to new investors, as well as favourable fee terms from our long-standing relationships.


We conduct in-depth research, due diligence and on-going monitoring of new and existing investments.

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