We provide guidance, perspective and practical solutions for your bespoke needs, drawing on the experience from managing our own wealth.



We implement bespoke investment portfolios tailored to a client's specific requirements.


We grow your wealth over time, whilst protecting it against large losses, monitoring performance and rebalancing as necessary, in keeping with agreed parameters.

Transactions, reporting, administration and monitoring are effectively managed. Our families and clients all benefit from scale which saves costs and enables access to opportunities otherwise only available to much larger investors.


​The Blu Discretionary Fund provides truly diversified exposure across the investment universe. We generate returns from lending, inefficiencies, growth and opportunities, whilst protecting the portfolio by diversifying across different types of risk. 

The process is systematic, rather than taking macroeconomic views or making tactical investment decisions. This allows us to focus on elements we can control and efficiently manage the risks we take on.

The fund pools client assets alongside the founding family's wealth, aligning interests and providing access to best-in-class investment opportunities.


The Principals of Blu have been active in alternative investments for more than 25 years, both in managing and selecting funds.

Blu's advisory service provides a solution to those seeking exposure to true alternatives. We offer model portfolios or bespoke solutions, subject to minimum investments & terms.


Clients benefit from access to exclusive managers that are often closed to new investors, as well as favourable fee terms from our long-standing relationships.


We conduct in-depth research, due diligence and on-going monitoring of new and existing investments.


​We implement your investment strategy in a vehicle or platform to best suit your individual requirements and needs.

The client’s current situation is reviewed thoroughly, including assessing any structures already in place and how effective they are. Taking into account the plans and preferred choice of residency, we consider the most optimal jurisdiction for the final structure.

Using our in-house tax counsel and working with our network of proven service providers, we implement the most effective solution. We monitor and evaluate changes in regulations, laws and family dynamics to ensure the ongoing efficiency of the chosen structure.