There seems to be this obsession out there with data. It is everywhere and we are accumulating more of it every minute of every day. We are tracking and analysing more data, ever faster, as we deploy high-powered machines that can perform millions of calculations in Na...

There really is something very exciting about letting the dice roll and betting on the outcome. The odds are known, the rules of the game are clear and if we get lucky, we win the whole lot. It is estimated that more than 1.6 billion people gamble during any given year...

The best advice I have ever been given when it comes to investing is “pretend you are in a dark alley, late at night and everyone is out to get you”. Very true, or when was the last time that someone just came up to you and gave you money? The whole idea of capitalism...


I am going to start a new political party in the UK. Here is my manifesto: I am going to give everyone that votes for me one million quid. There are 47 million eligible voters in the UK, but I only need slightly more than half, so first come first serve. How am I going...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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