We all know the first rule of finance: to make higher returns, you have to take more risk. So, it should also logically follow that, if I am willing to accept a lower return, I should be able to take less risk. After all, different people have different expectations fo...

The difference between knowing and knowing what to do is huge, and no more so when it comes to investing. To a large degree, I think we are victims of our own success here. With the proliferation of products, instruments and strategies, it is more difficult than ever t...

It is amazing how much conjecture the term “hedge fund” can evoke. Nowhere else in finance is there more confusion and debate about what they actually are or what they really do. This is not surprising, given that a hedge fund is nothing more than an investment vehicle...

Germany in the 1980s was a weird place and not just because of bad hair and shoulder pads, but more so with regards to the very real threat of imminent nuclear destruction. The so-called “cold war” between the East and the West was at its climax. The two great empires...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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