For those of us who like the financial markets for what they are, it is difficult to find true alternatives.  We all know the story about the equity markets in that they have gone up for a very long time. In fact, in the last 100 years, the Dow Jones Index (as one exam...

If there is one statistic that I can’t get out of my head, it is that as much as 99% of human action is run by the subconscious. This really is an incredibly high figure. Looking at our daily routine, clearly most of what we do is virtually automatic. I notice it when...

Since the last world war, some 70 years ago, the US has been the undisputed superpower in the world. Blessed with a fully functioning economic machine, when the rest of the world was trying to rebuild, America simply cleaned up. With the exportation of consumerism, the...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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