We all know that being at the right place at the right time is what makes most great success stories. So too, as far as the world of investments is concerned, one not only has to get it right but also at the right time. The financial markets with the trillions of dolla...

The thing about investing is that there are always two sides to every trade, e.g. in order for one to buy something, another has to be willing to sell something at an agreed price. This creates an interesting dynamic, because the one buying thinks the price will go up,...

Christian Armbruester, CIO, explains a component of our high risk strategy, 'Gamma'.

Everyone knows the statistics: the first generation builds it, the second generation manages it, and the third generation loses it. In fact, according to a study by Times, 70% of family wealth is destroyed by the time of our grandkids. Why is that and is there some evi...

The thing about risk, is that there is uncertainty. By definition, anything other than 100% means we come up short by some measure and there is doubt whether we can make up the difference. Can we be sure of anything? Death and taxes are often cited. But in our world, i...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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