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Building a business can be a very lonely place. The stresses, the responsibilities and the ever-increasing complexity, as that which you are building grows and expands, are a great challenge to overcome. There is no boss to blame, no excuses to be made about market con...

The stock market rally since March 2009 is now on the longest winning streak in living memory.  Can it continue?  Clearly, we don’t know and as passive investors we are also not trying to time the markets.  But we do know that markets are forward looking, and that the...


The hunt for yield amid stubbornly low interest rates is arguably the most pressing problem facing High Net Worth Individuals today. Here, Nick Rees, Partner at Blu Family Office, explains why affluent investors should consider adding private lending to their portfolio...

In today’s globalised and hugely efficient financial world, where trillions of Dollars and Euros are deployed in nano seconds, you are competing with the biggest investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds with their thousands of traders, analysts and Nobel Prize...

Christian Armbruester, CEO, explains why we eschew traditional strategic asset allocation approaches, focusing instead on diversifying across four key types of investment risk.

What is Blu Family Office’s history, and how does it stand now in terms of its UK presen...

Most people think of leverage as the root of all evil, high risk and that it must be eradicated before any more damage can be done – e.g. the financial crisis of 2008. But as everyone knows, “guns don’t kill people, people do”, and the same goes for leverage. To be cle...

Christmas time, what joy and what a wonderful time to be with the family. Smiles all around, good food and drink and a great amount of well wishes and presents too. The children excited about new toys and games, all wrapped up and what fun to see what’s inside all thos...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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