The rise of Bitcoin this year has been more than spectacular, going from USD 968 to a current price of USD 17,020 (as at December 20th, 2017). It is no wonder everyone has begun talking about it and we are being asked more and more questions from our families, clients...

As part of our series of highlighting the main behavioural risks, we start with (1) The Entitled Generation. Please see our previous blog post An Introduction to Behavioural Risks for more information on the subject. We will explain the other risks in future posts: (2)...

I was once told by a fellow trader that it was far worse not to make more money, than it was to lose money. Obviously, this makes it quite clear that greed far exceeds fear when it comes to the way traders look at risk. But, is there also a further lesson here that giv...

The idea of sustainability is very easy to embrace for everyone. After all, our very purpose is foremost to stay alive within a world that will continue to provide for us. As such, it was only a matter of time before the financial services industry found a way to bring...

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Profile piece: Christian Armbruester, CIO and founding principal, recently interviewed with Citywire about Blu Family Office


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