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Private school fees are up 70% since 2004, almost three times higher than the consumer price index during the same period, and average annual tuition fees are close to £15,000 per year.  These numbers are challenging enough, but are made even more difficult in a world...

Let's assume your world is perfect: you have got nothing to worry about and more money than you can spend. What would you do then? Would you gorge yourself on any want, need and lust any individual can muster? Or would you build something to have a purpose and try to m...

Doing nothing can seem like such an elegant idea. After all available options have been thoroughly analysed and no appealing solution seems to stick out, doing nothing could be a very smart thing to do indeed. So how about applying this mantra to the current situation...

Adding up all the fees, commissions and expenses to administer your wealth is known as the Total Cost of Exposure Ratio (TCER).

To make the decision as to what to invest in, it either costs time or you pay someone else to do it for you. Then, there are the transaction c...

It has been nine years since the financial crisis and interest rates in the developed world continue to be at record lows. For the wealthy, for whom the inflation rate is typically much higher than the Consumer Price Index (see Forbes’ Cost of Living Extremely Well Ind...

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Blu Family Office Blog. We intend to be informative about concepts and interesting topics around the world of finance, investments and family wealth. We promise to be relentless in our pursuit to improve our readers’ understanding of how the...

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