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Why negative interest rates may be as bad as they seem.

It’s the biggest elephant in the room ever, and it seems everyone has just accepted that it is so. But seriously, negative interest rates – doesn’t that go against everything we know? Don’t worry, we are not going...

The thing about gamma, is that it is very different to all the other categories of risk. Here, we want to take high risk, we want to punt, bet big, do crazy things, because it might just work, and we could win the lottery. I always find it amazing that people prefer to...

How to manage the risk of everything going wrong.

There it was again, the very tangible risk of something very bad happening. The coronavirus brought about fears of the unknown, the feeling of being helpless and that horrible premonition that things could get worse. The...

Why everything you thought about liquidity may be completely wrong.

People are obsessed with liquidity. It is the reason why UCITS funds are so popular, which provide investors the ability to get their money back on a daily or weekly basis. The regulator also views liqu...

Why there is no way to passively manage our monies – there is only how much we pay for it.

I find the whole debate about active versus passive investing amazing and in part, actually highly amusing. Mostly, that has to do with the fact that there really is no differenc...

Why patterns are not meant to be broken.

The trend is your friend and we all know that. It simply means that until further notice, whatever has happened before, will continue to happen again. If the markets are going up, they will continue to go up and likewise, if the...

Being penny wise and pound stupid is a wonderful way of saying that the focus is wrong. Whereas we should be concerned about the big picture, instead we dither away at things with far less value. In investment terms, that means we should spend much more time on the so-...

It is a little known fact that the so-called emerging markets now make up more than half of the world’s GDP. Whereas everyone seems to be focused on China and the incredible success story of their economy, other growth wonders like Brazil, India or Mexico are also proj...


Every crash is different. That’s why there is a crash. If everyone knew that markets would plummet, we would all prepare, and therefore nothing would ever happen. Which is why drawing lessons from history is to be taken with a pinch of salt. We may be able to figure ou...

Blu Family Office is delighted to announce the three year anniversary of The Blu Income Fund which launched on 1st November 2016.

In the subsequent 36 months, the Fund has generated a total net return of 18.85% with no negative performing months, despite volatility in e...

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