Why betting on prices falling isn’t as easy as it looks.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, particularly when it comes to predicting market crashes and I am seeing a lot of chatter on social media asking “well, why didn’t you just go short?”. For those readers who are not...

I suppose we all think that by applying our mind and all that we have learned in years of study, we can add value when looking at the world of investments. Even further, those that don’t know the ins and outs of financial markets, must believe that someone knows, other...

It’s amazing that by the mere mention of the name, an entire story can now stand on its own. The person that was Neil Woodford is now a famous, brand like, alter reality that is all associated with the recent events that have made headlines around the world. So, what c...

In the world of investments there are few things we know for certain. Nonetheless, we buy assets in the hope that the prices will go higher from where we got in. We try to justify our conviction by some fundamental or macroeconomic rationale, but in the end we trust th...

Let’s say, that you can call it right for no other reason than you are just that smart. You can read charts, you understand the fundamentals and you have a brilliant mind capable of deductive reasoning. What would you do with this great gift of clairvoyance?

Well surely...

I love the very first thing you learn in economics: holding everything else constant, we can study the reaction of one with the other. It gets more complicated as you add other variables (or relax some of the constraints), and it doesn’t get any easier when trying to a...

I think we can all agree that markets can go up and down. The trick is to buy things when they are at the bottom and sell them when they are at the top – which seems an entirely plausible thing to do. After all, we have so many wonderful tools to help us assess where w...

If you look at history, some of the decisions with the biggest impact on the world were seemingly taken completely at random. How else can we explain Marmite? And who knows what we were thinking when we didn’t buy the emerging markets in 2009. Some of the fastest growi...

In today’s globalised and hugely efficient financial world, where trillions of Dollars and Euros are deployed in nano seconds, you are competing with the biggest investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds with their thousands of traders, analysts and Nobel Prize...

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