Why central banks are doing what they must, and we should all be happy.

The Federal Reserve gets a lot of criticism from seemingly everyone these days. Trillions and trillions of dollars pumped into the faltering financial system on a scale that was never thought possib...

Why we must borrow when the giving is this good.

It seems like a lifetime ago when we could put our money into the bank and earn 5%. Clearly, things are very different now with interest rates near zero and it makes holding cash extremely inefficient. The same is true fo...

Why it is time to move on from buying government bonds.

The yield on long term government debt in the US (and many other countries) used to be more than 15% in the eighties. Now it stands at just over 1.5%, and some are saying that the yield will go to zero like in Germ...

Why negative interest rates may be as bad as they seem.

It’s the biggest elephant in the room ever, and it seems everyone has just accepted that it is so. But seriously, negative interest rates – doesn’t that go against everything we know? Don’t worry, we are not going...

More than $14 trillion of government bonds now have negative yields. That’s equivalent to one quarter of the entire global investment grade market. Yet, during the months of July and August, these very bonds surged, outperforming equities on a large scale. Clearly, the...

We had a bit of wobble in the US stock market last week and it is worthwhile putting that into perspective. First of all, this has been the first sign in a very long time that this market actually can go down. Lest we forget, we have been going up very steadily for alm...

Thank you to Mr P for suggesting this week’s topic as we explore what is happening in consumer credit. To our avid readers, please do send us in requests for future post topics. As a family office we don’t take views, but luckily we have an opinion on just about everyt...

The yield curve is a most amazing construct. It beautifully illustrates where risk is priced when it comes to credit. The longer you tie up your money, the higher the interest you can expect to receive, as clearly it is less risky to lend for a week than it is for 30 y...


The hunt for yield amid stubbornly low interest rates is arguably the most pressing problem facing High Net Worth Individuals today. Here, Nick Rees, Partner at Blu Family Office, explains why affluent investors should consider adding private lending to their portfolio...

In a world of low interest rates, the temptation is high to lock up your money for an extended period of time and get rewarded for giving up liquidity. Great examples are the purchasing of private equity funds, or some other type of closed-ended investment structure th...

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