Why the rage of the global protests is within all of us.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and like every Saturday, I took my son to play football in the park. It was always good fun, watching a bunch of 5-year olds trying to kick a ball whilst not falling over. There wa...

In a former life, I was seeking ways to relieve stress from work and improve my fitness, so a friend recommended I give kick-boxing a try. As it happened, the brother of one of my colleagues was the reigning British ultimate fighting champion and he agreed to give me l...

We were top of the table with a full haul of points and it wasn’t even close. It was 1982, we were all but 12 years old and the title of champions for the Bezirkliga Rheinhessen (youth league) was within our grasp. What made it special, was that we had not yet lost a s...

We have written several posts on investment themes recently, much to do with all the many happenings in the financial markets and geo-political events. But, we aim to cover all facets of wealth in our blog and that includes the many behavioural risks that are associate...

Watching what is going on in the world today, I am reminded of the movie Idiocracy (2006) and its foreboding glimpse into our future...

When something bad happens, it is seldomly treated as a blessing at the time. And so, our story begins in the very nucleus of the worst period in the history of mankind. It was the year 1941 and a little boy from the East was on the move with his parents. A great power...

If there is one statistic that I can’t get out of my head, it is that as much as 99% of human action is run by the subconscious. This really is an incredibly high figure. Looking at our daily routine, clearly most of what we do is virtually automatic. I notice it when...

“We do things the way we do them, because we have always done them this way”, may very well be the most expensive words in the history of our family. What my colleague has referred to as a minor miracle, in that our family’s wealth has survived more than three generati...

Everyone knows the statistics: the first generation builds it, the second generation manages it, and the third generation loses it. In fact, according to a study by Times, 70% of family wealth is destroyed by the time of our grandkids. Why is that and is there some evi...

As part of our series of highlighting the main behavioural risks, we start with (1) The Entitled Generation. Please see our previous blog post An Introduction to Behavioural Risks for more information on the subject. We will explain the other risks in future posts: (2)...

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