Why some people work in equities and others in fixed income.

The first time I entered the building of one of the big investment banks in Canary Wharf, it was awe inspiring. The sheer scale of the huge entrance hall immediately made me feel very small. Not that I was not...

Why the young will not inherit the earth.

We all know the world is paying a heavy price for the damage caused by COVID-19, and there was a rather large bill to pay for the previous crisis. Between quantitative easing, fiscal stimulus and other government support, it is...

How risk-free trading was created and why it was too good to last.

In the late eighties, we learned how to use computers to manage our investment strategies. The ability to perform countless calculations with an ever-increasing set of available data, meant we could bett...

Why the Coronavirus may be immensely conducive to higher equity prices.

Remember the great financial crisis of 2008? Global equities were down more than 65%, the world as we knew it was coming to an end as over speculation, greed and utter panic played out in a perfect...

Could Brexit spell the end of the United Kingdom? 
At its peak, the British Empire ruled over a quarter of the Earth’s population. What is even more remarkable was the geographic dispersion of all the territories, from Ireland to South Africa, Australia, India, Hong...

Why we can always choose what to remember.

I finally had my first business lunch in a restaurant the other week. It was a lovely day, we had a great table, and the food was very good. Seeing someone other than my wife or kids after more than four months of home confine...

Why central banks are doing what they must, and we should all be happy.

The Federal Reserve gets a lot of criticism from seemingly everyone these days. Trillions and trillions of dollars pumped into the faltering financial system on a scale that was never thought possib...

Why it is time for the Euro to decide if it is for real or a failed political experiment.

It is rare that a chart of such symmetry and beauty comes together over such a long time. Particularly, as we have also gone through quite a lot during the last 20 years. There was...

How much Gold should an investor hold in a diversified portfolio?

We have written a lot about Gold over the years. Like everyone else, there is an inherent love affair with the shiny metal that has bestowed value to its owners for centuries. Lest we forget, the entire...

Is it really better to be lucky than smart when it comes to choosing our investment managers?

If you were driving in your car on the Autobahn and you suddenly hit a thick patch of fog, would you push down on the accelerator or reduce your speed? Whilst the answer seems...

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